The Alliance for Learning Integrity and authentication

Alliance for Learning Integrity and Authentication

We are an Alliance that demonstrates trust and partnership in online learner integrity.

We combine best-in-class expertise to deliver the most effective end-to-end solution. 

A Proctoring Process Management System that coordinates all of the information and tasks that lead up to the proctoring event.  Students can schedule testing sessions for multiple proctoring modalities from within the LMS.

A system for scheduling testing sessions in local testing centers.  It is the quickest, easiest, and safest way for administrators to manage exam schedules online, and for students to register online, hassle-free.

A virtual proctoring service which records 100% of the proctoring event including video of the proctor and the student.  All proctors are college graduates.  Proctor to student ratios can be as low as 4:1.

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View the Alliance in action at the National Collegiate Testing Association meeting.

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A system for authenticating learners using finger stroke recognition.  With BioSig-IDâ„¢ only the legitimate account owner can log in and verify their identity. Imposters are stopped.